Interior Design

Interior design is a map of a future residential or commercial project.
It shows how your desires will be implemented into life. It is a combination of visual "I want" and technical possibilities. This is a clear and detailed picture of what you want.

Due to interior design we have a possibility to make adjustments before the implementation starts. It saves your money as we don't waste it on unnecessary materials.

Architectural design

Architectural design is the first stage from which to start building a house. This is:

  • a tool for understanding the future exterior of a building and its layout;
  • a combination of visual (building from different angles) and functional (layout) parts.
AD gives you understanding of:
  • what your building will look like;
  • what materials it will consist of;
  • where the windows and doors will be;
  • floor plans, room arrangements, facade sections and roof plans.

Architectural design is also a base for the any future works. In particular: ventilation, heating, electricity, water supply.
AD gives contractors of all levels a complete understanding of their job requirements.

AD consists of several stages:

  • development and 3D visualization of the exterior;
  • development of the house layout.
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Turnkey implementation

Turnkey implementation - is an integrated implementation of a design project:

  • we create the design and layout;
  • we make a plan of work and financing;
  • we present you a firm and invariable estimate even before the work start;
  • we attract and communicate with partners and contractors;
  • we control the implementation process, we are responsible for it and report back during the process;
  • we are doing the final cleaning;
  • and we give you a 2-year guarantee for all work carried out by us.

You are moving to a clean, ready-to-use residential or commercial space.

Turnkey implementation – is a design and construction performed by one team.

The advantage of TI with us is that we are not just designers. We are a construction company with a design team. We know all the pitfalls of this process.

Get Consultation

What awaits you?

Pre-design stage
Online consultation
Live meeting in the office
Signing a contract for the design project
Live measurements, photo/video fixation.
Project creation stage
New layout project
3D visualization of design
Creation of budget, plan of works and financing plan
Implementation stage
Signing a contract for implementation of a design project
Implementation of a design project
Author's supervision
2 years warranty

How much is it?

What does a design project consist of? What are the terms?
How can we start cooperation?

Find out

Why you should choose us?

What is included in a design project?
Project layout, visualizations of all rooms, construction drawings, furniture drawings, specifications. You can view an example project using this link link
Is it possible to get a design project without supervision?
Design supervision is required and is included in the cost of all projects. We are interested in turning the project into reality.
What is a result of a design project?
An album which consists of: visualizations, drawings and technical requirements, according to which your contractor will be able to implement the project. Take a look at an example example